Folklore group Demižón

The folklore group Demižón Strážnice was founded in the year 1999 and since the beginning, it has operated under the Orel association in Strážnice. The dancers' age ranges from 16 to 28 years. These days, Demižón comprises 13 pairs of dancers, who are accompanied by a cimbalom music group.

Our repertoire includes songs and dances primarily from Strážnice and neighbouring regions, but also from Slovakia.

Jiří Rybecký & Lucie Rybecká




? Why just "Demižón" ?

A lot of people stop for a while and wonder about this name. However, this short moment of hesitation always reassures us that another person has really noticed us.

Originally, the name Demižón was just a joke of one of the dancers. But after long reflex ions and considerations we came to the conclusion that it is not an unsuitable name at all. One must imagine what a demijohn represents for a wine-grower. The wine-grower deposits the result of his year-long work and effort in the demijohn and let it ripe there to its best form. If we make use of this parallel for the Demižón members, we realize that we can see the year-long work and effort indeed. And the ripening of the dancers and musicians? It is the same as in the case of wine – the older the better. But watch out! It needs permanent care and nothing may be neglected, otherwise the whole effort would be wasted.

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